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Each week Colorado Brews will feature one of the state’s outstanding breweries and highlight the signature beers they produce and the passionate brew masters who create them.  Each episode also includes a reporter on location at one of Colorado’s beer events or festivals, a home brewing segment, a food & beer pairing segment, and a beer tech segment that explains a technical aspect of the beverage, like proper serving temperature or glassware.

Colorado has 139 craft breweries operating and 75 more in development. Colorado’s Front Range is the largest craft brewing market in the United States.

The innovative and dynamic beers being produced by Colorado’s brewers are winning national and international awards and are showing up in restaurants and in stores all over the world.


Colorado Brews

A public television series about craft beer in colorado

remnants of a dream: the story of dearfield colorado

A long form documentary

Remnants Of A Dream: The Story Of Dearfield, Colorado is a long form documentary about an all African-American farming colony created in Weld County Colorado in 1910. 

Founded by O.T. Jackson, messenger to seven Colorado governors, Dearfield became one of the most successful all Black towns in America.  Then times got hard.